I Told You It Wasn't Just A Phase

Tired of never finding cards that really capture what you want to say?

Now you can tell them how you really feel, in your own special way, with our Cursed Cards! Inside you will find a bordered blank area to write our own sentiments… or explanation.

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This greeting card is approximately 178x127mm (7 x 5 inches) and comes with a matching red envelope.

Each card is digitally created and then cut out of card stock on an automated cutter. The layers are then weeded and glued together to give the colour changes a 3-dimensional look and feel.

Each card is $6 and comes with a matching envelope.

These are handmade cards and each one might not be identical. The item in the photos are just samples and not the exact card that will be sent to you…except that one person who gets that exact sample card, then the item is exactly as pictured. For everyone else, it will be pretty close to what you see.