Animal Skulls

Real animal skulls can range in size from a hog-nozed bat skull at 12mm (~1/2") to a horse skull at 45cm (~16") and everything in between. They also vary in strength as well from extremely delicate to rock hard. If not getting them from a reputable source, there is also the concern of how the skull was obtained. This can make any skull collection daunting with extremes of size, care, and research that need to be taken to acquire, store, and display your collection.

That is where our like-size 3D printed animal skulls come in!

Not only are they vegan friendly, ethically sourced, and made from renewable materials, but they are all the same size making them all sit on the same shelf or mantle with symmetry. At 85mm (~3.35") in length they are all approximately the size of a real cat or crow skull with the smaller ones being scaled up and the larger ones being scaled down. They are much less delicate than a real skull and will not shatter if the fall, but small parts like teeth can still be damaged if they land the wrong way. This is the best way to start your skull collection without any moral concerns and for a fraction of the price of the real thing!