Skeleton Snowman Greeting Card

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Everyone loves dreaming of a white Christmas...but sometimes that white Christmas was not a dream -- it was a nightmare! The snowmen of the world have come to life and just lay in wait at the top of a hill waiting for their unsuspecting victim to walk by. As we know, snowmen are really good at math and physics, so they know the exact moment to start their descent to overcome the human and steal their skeletal structure. Every winter the legion of murderous, and more sturdy, snowmen roam the countryside destroying all life in their path. The one weakness these snowmen have is human kindness. And that is why Canada is the friendliest place on earth!

Frosty...these undead snowmen will eat your heart out!
(Do skeletons eat hearts? Does Frosty have a heart? So many questions!)

Each spooky greeting card is approximately 127x178 (5 x 7 inches) and comes with a matching white envelope.

Materials & Process
This greeting card is made up of layers of card stock which is machine cut and then glued together for a 3D look and high quality feel.

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These are handmade cards and each one might not be identical. The item in the photos are just samples and not the exact card that will be sent to you...except that one person who gets that exact sample card, then the item is exactly as pictured. For everyone else, it will be pretty close to what you see.

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