Trick-Or-Tree Greeting Card

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Time flies when you're having fun. That's why some people are still running around with a bucket shaped like a pumpkin while the people not having fun are worshiping fat men in red suits. You quite obviously know someone in this predicament since you are reading this right now, so this is the perfect card to ease them into the holiday season change-over. A lot of creepy crawlers dwelling in a Halloween Christmas Tree on the cover with a string of fun, lovable jack-o-lanterns adorning the inside of the card.

Each spooky greeting card is approximately 127x178 (5 x 7 inches) and comes with a matching red envelope.

Materials & Process
This greeting card is made up of layers of card stock which is machine cut and then glued together for a 3D look and high quality feel.

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These are handmade cards and each one might not be identical. The item in the photos are just samples and not the exact card that will be sent to you...except that one person who gets that exact sample card, then the item is exactly as pictured. For everyone else, it will be pretty close to what you see.

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