Horrific Love - Chucky & Tiffany

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Love and hate are both really strong emotions and both can be had at the same time to create the perfect relationship! True soulmates, they were boyfriend and girlfriend in the flesh and after ten years searching for that love, those lovable killer dolls go on a killing spree to get their souls back into the flesh. Love!

Canvases are 300x400x12mm (12 x 16 x 0.5 inches).

Materials & Process
Black 2.5mil vinyl is cut out and then layered on top of a sheet of white 651 permanent and waterproof vinyl. This is then affixed to a 12x16 stretched cotton canvas making it durable against bumps and scrapes as well as washable with a damp cloth.

This is a handmade item so there may be a minor imperfection somewhere between cutting and attaching. Items will not be exactly as pictured and as much as we try to take colour accurate photos, the colour may be slightly different than viewed on your screen.

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