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Welcome to the Cursed By Design online store and showroom!

Shopping for the home or holidays is hard enough. When you are a little more eccentric than the "norm" it is even harder. We, Mandy and Bryan, had the same issue decorating as you do. Instead of just throwing our arms up and settling for basic Ikea or over priced Bed Bath & Beyond crap we decided to design everything ourselves. What started as just a passion project to make our house feel more like a home quickly turned into people asking for our help. That is when Cursed By Design was born...

Mandy & BryanWhile we don't have the time to help everyone customize every room in their home, full time jobs and all, we can help with accents and making plain white walls come alive with your own personality. Our website and the trade shows we do will be a menagerie of ways to unleash your own creative possibilities. From custom-made vinyl on canvas wall art to 3D printed bathroom accessories, we will have a little bit of everything available as time goes on. The holidays are also our favourite time of year, so we will have a special line of Christmas and Hanukkah items to make your holidays as wicked as the rest of the year. We also tend to have a very small colour palette with almost everything we do being red, black, and white. Another colour might sneak in from time to time, but red and black are our favourite colours and work really well together and then we needed a contrast colour to make them pop so white was introduced.

To contact us for quantity orders or custom requests, we can be reached at or Mandy's specialty is everything artistic and turning whole rooms into conversation starters while keeping on a budget (you wouldn't believe the inside of our house unless you saw it in person). Bryan's focus is more in the 3D printed world where anything is possible if given the right amount of time.

So take a look around and more ways to fancy up your world are being added all the time!

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