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Easter Egg 3-Pack Vinyl Decals • Easterween Decals • Personlaized Text

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Easter Egg 3-Pack Vinyl Decals • Easterween Decals • Personlaized Text

Easter Egg 3-Pack Vinyl Decals • Easterween Decals • Personlaized Text


This listing is for vinyl decals only, no eggs, paint, dyes, or other decor are included. They are meant to be added to your eggs after are colored and dried (if desired). *VINYL DECALS ONLY*

Make your Easter eggs creepy with our new egg decals! Use them on real eggs, plastic, wood, acrylic or any non porous surface. Check out our shop for other spooky egg decal sets!

These Personalized Creepy Egg decals come in a PACK OF 3. Please see the personalization box to enter your 3 word choices, and don't hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance.

These decals are perfectly sized for an average large chicken egg, however we can customize the sizing for you, just send us a message.

Materials & Process
Each decal is digitally designed and then cut out of Oracle 651 permanent vinyl. The excess vinyl is weeded off and then a layer of transfer tape is applied for ease of application. These decals can be stuck pretty much anywhere, perfect for cars, windows, walls, laptops and so much more. Made from Oracle 651 permanent vinyl, these decals can stand up to the weather so they are great for outdoor as well as indoor use.

Please note: Colors may have a slight variance due to different device screens.

To apply the decal to the egg:

1. Color/ Paint your eggs (If desired)
Go ahead and color your eggs as you normally would, using dye, or paint. (dye/paint not included).
If you are using colored plastic eggs, just make sure the surface is clean and free of any lint or residue.
If you are using real eggs, be sure they are not cold before applying the decal to the shell. If the surface is too cold it can cause problems with the decals glue adhesion, so its best if the eggs are warm or at least room temperature. If you have trouble, use a hair dryer on low to warm the vinyl and help it adhere to the egg.

**Ensure the paint/dye is completely dry before application.**

2. Prepare your decal

Your vinyl decal comes on a paper backing, and has a protective clear transfer tape over the top of the image which will be used to apply the decal to the egg.
Rub over the front of the transfer tape using a hard edged object like a credit card to make sure the vinyl decal is fully adhered to the tape, then slowly peel the transfer tape away from the paper backing at a 45 degree angle. Watch carefully as you peel to ensure the sticker stays adhered to the transparent transfer tape and doesn't stay stuck to the paper which could result in ripping or tearing of the vinyl decal. If the vinyl does stick, just back up the peeling process so the stuck vinyl is again covered with the transfer tape and and rub over the affected area so the tape picks up the vinyl from the paper.

3. Applying the decal

This is permanent vinyl so once the sticker sticks, it will be hard to reposition it without destroying the sticker. Try not to touch the sticky side of the vinyl with your hands, the oils on your skin will cause it to lose it’s stickiness.

When applying vinyl to a curved surface such as an egg, the transfer tape can be cut as needed to make the application easier. The transfer tape is just a mode to transfer the vinyl from the paper to the egg surface, so it's ok if wrinkles. It can be peeled off as soon as the vinyl has attached itself to the surface, this allows you the freedom to move and adjust any remining parts of the decal that are still on the transfer tape as you go (especially helpful when applying text or an image made of of multiple smaller decals).

Carefully position the sticker to the desired area of the egg, and starting in the middle, press the vinyl onto the egg and using your fingers rub from the middle outward to eliminate any air bubbles or wrinkles.

Slowly remove the transfer tape making sure no part of the sticker remains on the transfer tape.
Enjoy your spooky eggs!

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