Spiderweb Bathroom Set

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For those of us that still use a bar of soap, it can get rather messy leaving it on the counter beside the sink. Water ends up everywhere, impossible to remove soap residue remains even years after you have moved out. You could get a soap dish at your local hardware store, but for something as important as a soap dish you need to be able to show off your style or else what is the point? Well now you can with a soap dish that somewhat resembles a spider web! On top of that, there is a cute little spider in the corner which is so terrifying that your neighbour 3 doors down that plays his music really loud will cry himself to sleep in his closet every night out of fear! You can win the world with one simple seeming soap dish...

Note: This item is 3D printed so there will be some defects or layer shifts. Item will not be exactly as pictured and will not be perfect because 3D printing is not yet a perfect procedure.